In support of strikers throughout Europe

Solidariska byggare’s International Strike Fund in memory of Joe Hill

A strike is currently taking place in Gräfenhausen, Germany. 98 truck drivers have been cheated by their employer of between €2,500 and €13,000. In total, over €500 000 is missing. The drivers, like the majority of us, come from countries in the former Soviet Union. Apart from our origin, we also share the experience of being migrant workers in Europe, an experience that is not only about our lower wages and worse working conditions. Time and again, we are also forced to fight for something as basic as pay for work done. It is a fight that can be taken in many ways, but is best taken collectively.

We belong to the minority of migrant workers who have been lucky enough to find a trade union in which we can be full members from day one. Our collective in case of conflict and strike is therefore given and strong. The vast majority of migrant workers are not so lucky. Through the creation of the Solidariska byggare’s International Strike Fund in memory of Joe Hill, we want to extend our collective to those who otherwise lack one. The strike fund is open to donations from everyone, but reserved for striking migrant workers in Europe. Our goal is to ensure that all striking migrant workers can be compensated through the strike fund for at least half the loss of income caused by a strike.

In a more immediate sub-goal, the Solidariska byggare’s International Strike Fund in Memory of Joe Hill aims to raise enough funds to compensate all strikers at Gräfenhausen with €1000 for the more than one month they have been on strike without income. We have therefore set out to raise €98 000 in a very short time.

Because the labor market is segregated, trade union struggles are also different. While Swedish and German workers fight to improve conditions and raise wages, we are forced to fight for what we are already entitled to by law and agreement. We wholeheartedly support the European workers’ struggle and now hope to be supported in ours. Just as it is in the interest of all workers to raise wages and improve conditions, it is in everyone’s interest that labor buyers who ignore laws and agreements face concerted resistance.

We receive contributions on the account below and forward the funds received to the drivers in Gräfenhausen on an ongoing basis.

Mark the payment ”Joe Hill”
IBAN: SE4750000000052671153651
106 40 Stockholm.

About Solidariska byggare – (Builders in Solidarity)

Solidariska byggare is a trade union within SAC. The union was formed two years ago and organizes almost exclusively migrant workers. In its first two years, the union has redistributed SEK 15 million from employers to workers through negotiation, blockades, strikes and litigation. You can read more about Solidariska byggare activities in the book Something has happened – 100 stories from the new labor market, which is available for free download in five languages
(Swedish, Russian, Spanish, Ukrainian and English) on our website:

Below is a picture from the members’ meeting at which the decision on Solidariska byggare’s International Strike Fund in Memory of Joe Hill was taken.

The image is free to use. Photo:
Solidariska byggare