Wildcat strike of truck drivers in Germany

A group around 40 truckdrivers from Georgia an Usbekistan started a Wildcat Strike on a Truckstop near Darmstadt. Their polish Companies haven’t paid their wages. More drivers joined the strike, now they are 50. The bosses came and brought drivers as strikebreakers with minivans. The drivers showed solidarity and refuse to break the strike. Empty Trucks were used to block the loaded trucks that they cannot be moved away. The workers seem to have a very strong idea of solidarity and refused all have cast offers by the bosses. 

Supporters came from different Trade unions, (also foreign unions) as well as church people. They brought food, water, Tobacco an money. Even a guy from one of the major transport companies showed up with donations. I guess, they are in sheer panic, when the prekarious eastoruopean drivers start to rebell in Germany in a larger scale, the whole economy would bei in trouble. 

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