Mazur, a boss of the haulage mafia, has struck again

The ten-week strike last year by migrant truckers in Gräfenhausen (Germany) has not been won. The strikers have been incapacitated. Professional strike supporters from trade unions and trade union-affiliated NGOs have taken over the strike committee. They organised the industrial action in consultation with the association of transport companies and the authorities. The drivers were demoralised in an endless industrial dispute with no prospects. The only action taken consisted of press meetings and photo shootings with politicians. The exploiter Mazur could not be forced with these measures to pay the outstanding wages. The strike ended with compensation for the drivers (below their demands) from an unknown source.

Gräfenhausen strike #1 was legendary and gave migrant truckers hope to be able to win such a dispute. Gräfenhausen #2 was a cautionary tale. There is no desire to get into such a situation again.

Because the working conditions of the drivers have remained unbearable, there are further struggles. At best, they are conducted as small groups but usually as individuals. They simply stop and remain in a parking area and make their demands.

Last week Mazur went to the bavarian parking area, where a driver demanded his pay, accompanied by a replacement driver and one other person. The Uzbek truck driver declaired, that his door had been forcefully broken open and Mazur attacked him with pepperspray.